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At Charters in The Hamptons, we have a passion for setting sail and exploring all the beauty that Greenport, New York, has to offer. You too can experience the sights and the salty water when you rent a yacht or boat charter from us. For four hours, you too will be able to cruise along the coast with the experienced CiTH crew. During your yacht charter rental, you will be in charge of what you would like to do and see. We pick up all of our guests, and they have a choice of going to one of Greenport’s delicious restaurants, anchoring and swimming, or simply enjoying a slow cruise. Our boat charter rentals in Greenport, New York, are great for families or bachelor and bachelorette parties. Book a luxurious yacht charter today to let the fun begin! 


Billy's By The Bay

Frisky Oyster

Under Water
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Charters in
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